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Long Distance Moving Companies Quotes

Moving is foreseeable, a certain percentage of the US population relocate every year. “How do people manage their moving needs?” is the frequent question that pops up. Meeting moving needs would probably be the most tiring thing ever. Yet that can be resolved by a few top long distance movers. The best-rated moving companies who consider the struggle of their clients have come up with the best quotes they could render. The companies have worked with a team of professionals in order to find the best service they could render their clients. Before we start to discuss the quotes of long-distance moving companies, let us see how they work. Let's get started!!!

Top 3 Long Distance Moving Companies of 2020

Priceline Logistics LLC

5/5 from 384 reviews

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The Priceline Logistics LLC is one of the leading long-distance moving companies in the moving industry. They hold a professional team of experts who can help you with your long-distance move from one state to another or from one country to another.

The carefully plan your long-distance move for your belongings including the motorcycle, boat, jet, ski or any other going. The company clearly understands the need for long-distance moves and plans to move with security and success.

They manage every aspect of the move without flaws. If you are planning your long-distance somewhere soon, Priceline Logistics LLC is the best and affordable long-distance moving service that does not compromise quality. Would you be interested to reach out to their service, they have professionals who can answer your queries.


United Van Lines

4.6/5 from 5 reviews

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United Van Lines sets the standard for offering outstanding customer service. The company ranks at or near the top of customer satisfaction surveys targeting customers of moving companies. With the largest moving company network the United States, United works with nearly 33 agents who work at local moving and storage facilities. The broad network means United can move virtually anyone anywhere in the country. Because of semi sized trucks in its inventory, United can move large corporations cross-country or interstate by using several trucks in its expansive fleet.

The company has more than double the number of local agents United Van Lines works within 13 states. With more than 5,000 trucks operating in its fleet, United never has to pass on a long distance relocation job because of the lack of vehicles. The only downside to United is the company does not move vehicles. However, sister company Mayflower does relocate cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks.



4.5/5 from 4 reviews

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Allied's moving services range from providing you with the boxes and moving supplies you'll need to pack up your home on the weekend all the way to full-service packing, fragile packing, and even automobile transportation.


How Long distance moving companies quotes works

Getting a complete idea of the budget involved in moving helps in finding a cost efficient deal. The best reputable movers help you achieve this with free moving quotes. All that you need to provide is your origin, your moving from and to location, moving size, name, phone no and contact email to get the pricing.

Our website is dedicated to helping customers like you and let you know details in a convenient manner. You can do your research and our company will readily let you know what we offer right here.

Easy Comparison

The advantage of getting a free moving quote makes it much easier to compare the pricing with other moving companies. You can do so with the convenience of your home as the required data can be gathered from the official company's website. Getting multiple quotes at once has never been this easy and we are definitely sure, what we offer is the best and lowest of them all.

Minimal Mandatory Details

We don't collect tons of information simply to provide you a price quote for the moving service required. Just choose what you need to be delivered. It can be household goods, special items or industrial equipment. Provide the from destination, new location and the phone no, to instantly get your quote.

Experience Freedom

Our moving company is reputable and one of the best known for quality customer service. We don't store your mobile numbers to call you frequently and push you with aggressive marketing strategies. Our solutions and pricing are the best. We are sure you would want to do business with us once you explore the options available and realize that what we offer cannot be matched by anyone else in the industry.

Quality Solutions

We have the necessary tools and skilled manpower to do the job with ease. The quote provided will usually include all basic servicing unless you have some special requirements. Our motto is cheap yet high quality solutions at all times. The high quality service is offered at relatively unexpected pricing and all you need to do to know how much it will cost, is to give in your requirements to receive a pricing.


Besides providing best free moving quotes, you can comfortably choose us when you wish to hire the best moving company. An expert team offers exceptional reliability and we move your special belongings with utmost care. Our budget is affordable for all and we provide the best value added services to our every client.

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