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Long Distance Moving Companies Quotes

Moving is foreseeable, a certain percentage of the US population relocate every year. “How do people manage their moving needs?” is the frequent question that pops up. Meeting moving needs would probably be the most tiring thing ever. Yet that can be resolved by a few top long distance movers. The best-rated moving companies who consider the struggle of their clients have come up with the best quotes they could render. The companies have worked with a team of professionals in order to find the best service they could render their clients. Before we start to discuss the quotes of long-distance moving companies, let us see how they work. Let's get started!!!

Top 3 Long Distance Moving Companies of 2019

Dedicated van Lines


5.0/5 from 384 reviews

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  • Top rated across the web and our #1pick
  • 5-Star rated residential moving services
  • Vehicle shipping available
  • Featured in USA Today
  • Phone and on-site survey

The Dedicated Van Lines is one of the leading long-distance moving companies in the moving industry. They hold a professional team of experts who can help you with your long-distance move from one state to another or from one country to another.

The carefully plan your long-distance move for your belongings including the motorcycle, boat, jet, ski or any other going. The company clearly understands the need for long-distance moves and plans to move with security and success.

They manage every aspect of the move without flaws. If you are planning your long-distance somewhere soon, Dedicated Van Lines is the best and affordable long-distance moving service that does not compromise quality. Would you be interested to reach out to their service, they have professionals who can answer your queries.


United Van Lines


4.6/5 from 5 reviews

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  • No obligation quote
  • Rated A+ with the BBB
  • Online Tracking
  • DIY services
  • Free Quotes

United Van Lines sets the standard for offering outstanding customer service. The company ranks at or near the top of customer satisfaction surveys targeting customers of moving companies. With the largest moving company network the United States, United works with nearly 33 agents who work at local moving and storage facilities. The broad network means United can move virtually anyone anywhere in the country. Because of semi sized trucks in its inventory, United can move large corporations cross-country or interstate by using several trucks in its expansive fleet.

The company has more than double the number of local agents United Van Lines works within 13 states. With more than 5,000 trucks operating in its fleet, United never has to pass on a long distance relocation job because of the lack of vehicles. The only downside to United is the company does not move vehicles. However, sister company Mayflower does relocate cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks.




4.5/5 from 4 reviews

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  • No obligation quote
  • Rated A+ with the BBB
  • Online Tracking
  • DIY services
  • Free Quotes

Allied's moving services range from providing you with the boxes and moving supplies you'll need to pack up your home on the weekend all the way to full-service packing, fragile packing, and even automobile transportation.


What is a long distance move and is it expensive?

A country holds different states and localities where people would wish to travel or move. Moving may be due to several reasons. You could shift because your work location is put up in some other state, or it could be your new home that you have purchased in a different state or city. All these could be considered a long-distance move.

Most of the time a long-distance move considered costly when compared to the local moves. Looking for a cheaper moving company would never be a better option as a few important services may not be involved. Charges for such services may cost more than the other companies fixed costs.

In order to avoid hidden charges, there are certain questions that customers frequently ask their long distance movers.

  • Is it possible to hire a truck and drive it on my own with my belongings?
  • Is it trustable to leave the movers with my packed belongings and fly before they arrive?
  • How much will it cost for a long-distance move?
  • Does that cost even if I pack my belongings on my own?


Quotes of long-distance moving companies depend on various factors as follows,

  • Distance
  • Size of your home
  • Services required

To move a single bedroom or studio-sized apartment will cost between $840 and $4460 based on the distance you prefer. This can vary from different movers. If you try to go for low budget long-distance movers you may not find professionalism nor reliability from them.

Apart from the cost and quotation from long distance movers, you need to consider a few more things while shifting to longer distances.

Checklist for long-distance moving:

You can lessen the stress while moving a long distance. Though long-distance moving will include a lot of effort, it can be reduced with the following checklist you prepare before you reach out to movers.

  1. Finalize on the items you wanted to move:

    You have in all probability accumulated things that you never again use or need on the off chance that you've lived for over two years in your present home. An extraordinary time to dispose of those things, when you are moving, as you would not have any desire to pay for things you are going to use anymore. Start settling on things you are moving as quickly as time permits. This is one of the extraordinary approaches to decrease your expense of moving.

  2. Make sure your furniture fits:

    The entryways in the new house ought to be estimated to guarantee that your enormous furniture will fit into the entryways of your present home and in the new house to keep away from not having the option to get your piano or couch inside your new house in the wake of voyaging a long separation. Take the estimation before the moving day in order to keep away from pressure. It tends to tire to find that your furniture can't go through the entryways of your new home.

  3. Use perishable items:

    Transitory things and things that can't be moved to your new house are those things to go through or discard before your turn and ought not to be incorporated on your long separation moving agenda. Family cleaners, paint, bug showers, and solidified nourishments are on the rundown of short-lived things that you have to go through. Anything that can ruin during haulage ought to be avoided from your rundown.

  4. Pick the right long distance mover:

    After all the consideration of the services, charges and professionalism make sure you choose the right long distance movers. Most of the time, people fall for free moving quotes from the movers. It is the time to make wise decisions, where you need to take off your things than the cost. Hence, it is necessary to pick the right choice.

  5. Ensure arrangements with the moving companies:

    Incorporate on your long-distance move agenda a booked call to the long-distance moving organization a couple of days to the transition to confirm the moving plans, for example, place, cost, time, and so forth continue as before. Ensure you have enough money to tip the movers just as the best possible plan of installment to the moving organization.

Tips to find the right long distance mover:

Now you have a little knowledge about how to get prepared for a long-distance move. The above checklist would help you in a better way to get prepared. Now here are a few tips to find the right long distance mover of your choice. Here is a list of things that you need to consider while choosing the long-distance mover.

Check for reputation:

To realize the best long distance moving company, the primary thing is to check their notoriety among previous and current clients of movement administrations, and in the moving and capacity industry. Perusing client audits on specific moving organization surveys sites about the organization's administrations is probably the most ideal approaches to check how trustworthy they are. Be that as it may, you shouldn't put together your choice with respect to moving surveys, by and large evaluations, and tributes as it can't be confided in 100%. Move further to convey some different checks.

Insurance check:

Insurance alternatives are one of the most significant elements to be looked into cautiously when picking a long-distance moving company. Guarantee that the moving insurance is legitimate in both get and drop-off areas and that your assets will be completely protected during the long-distance migration trip. You can demand your free moving valuation from the mover. Insurance alternatives are one of the most significant elements to be looked into cautiously when picking a long-distance moving company. Guarantee that the moving insurance is legitimate in both get and drop-off areas and that your assets will be completely protected during the long-distance migration trip. You can demand your free moving valuation from the mover.

Before picking a long distance mover, demand for a cost gauge from at any rate four distinctive moving organizations and abstain from scrambling for the least expensive on the grounds that they may not be experts, thus, shock you with shrouded charges. There are numerous faithful and expert long distance movers that give quality moving administrations and insurance at pocket-accommodating costs; you simply need to take as much time as necessary to discover one. Guarantee the mover you pick is a specialist in long-distance moves in light of the fact that once you settle on a decision, there is no returning.

Fraudulence check:

There are many trick craftsmen in the moving industry. Search for regular signs to know whether the mover is genuine, explore the moving company well overall so as not to fall casualty of extortion. Abstain from making money or huge stores to any moving company that demands such preceding the move.

Be cautious about moving organizations that offer gauge on the web or via telephone. Moving organizations that can't give every single required report and a composed explanation, licenses and confirmations ought to be avoided. Try not to utilize moving organizations that make use of the rental truck.

Affordability check:

It is reasonable that picking the long distance mover that offers the less cost gauge in the moving statement dependent on impulse is the thing that you will get a kick out of the chance to decide on as cash doesn't develop on a tree and you are attempting to spend as meager as conceivable on your long-distance move.

In any case, when picking a long distance mover, the cost ought not to be the main criteria you consider. Extra moving administrations, for example, custom crating, pressing, unloading, impermanent stockpiling, dismantling and reassembling, lifting, transport administrations, and so forth., accompany their particular rates and should likewise be placed into thought while settling on which of the movers to decide for your moving toward long-distance move.

Pick the one that superbly fits with your moving spending plan in the wake of looking at the moving appraisals as far as costs. Be careful with moving extortion by avoiding moving organizations that offer too low value contrasted with different organizations.

Wrap up:

Are you one of the movers who is trying to find the best quote to shift? There is something more that you need to consider than the quotes these companies offer. In order to help you in a better way we have drafted this article that might help you in several ways.

Before you could find the best quote from the moving companies, cross-check with all the above-mentioned specifications so that it might help you shift more securely under a good cost. The quote for long-distance moves may vary according to companies and dealers and the types of services they render.

But choosing the right service is up to you. Cross-check with all the specifications mentioned above and choose the best long distance moving company of your choice.

Our Rating Process

Our editorial staff determined the ratings and rankings after extensive research. We ranked companies based on an aggregate score in several categories, including move types and distance, insurance and claims processes, other services offered, and ease of contact. User ratings are sourced from internal data, 3rd-party surveys, and independent authoritative sites from across the web. While our rating process is impartial, we generate advertising revenue from the companies featured in our rankings in order to keep our services free.

What makes a good interstate moving company?

A Wide Range of Service Options

Our Highest Ranking Long-distance Movers have a lot to offer their customers, but not every moving company provides the same levels of services. When we were researching top long-distance movers, we kept an eye out for a healthy mix of both free and paid services that will help make your move easier. Our Top Rated Mover offers 30 days free storage and also free redelivery. Which most companies use as a hidden charge. We look for binding-not-to-exceed quotes that have no hidden fees (fuel surcharges, binding estimate fees, and outrageous packing charges).

Quality Customer Communication

Excellent customer communication is a must in any top-tier long distance moving company. It affects not only your experience during your moving estimate, but also on moving day. Our Number One Company offers a direct line to your point of contact at Long Distance Moving Companies Quotes. From Start to Finish you have a personal Liaison assisting you and answering the tough questions as they come up.

We firmly believe that a moving company's communication can make or break your moving experience, so we place a lot of weight on quality customer service in our rankings.

Why Should You Use Long Distance Moving Companies Quotes

A Wide Range of Service Options

Think about the things you love about your home. Think of your most valuable wealth. Think of family photos like souvenirs, gifts, and valuables that are irreplaceable.

Who can you trust to make sure the things you love have moved safely from your current home to a new home several miles away? How can you find the right transfer across your location, whether in the next state or nationwide?

The Long Distance Moving Companies Quotes rounded up some proficient moving companies to create smooth tracks for you to have a stress free move. When it comes to moving across the country, hiring professional movers could save you time, money, and a lot of pressure!

Here are some perks for using top long distance movers for a long-distance move.

You are secure with us

We are always ready to shoulder your ongoing problems. With our comprehensive information, resources, and tools, we can handle all the moving complexities and make sure you enjoy your life comfortably while traveling. We bring you solutions.

With our sophisticated Internet tools, we can connect our customers with the best moving companies, including local mobility, long-distance transfer, and international mobility companies.

Cost essence

By all means, the budget is essential and necessary. We understand our customers' budgets and work towards achieving cost efficiency in transformation efforts. We'll find the best moving companies that fit in your pocket. We make sure you get the absolute value of your money.

When we start with you, we see the end together! To make things easier for you, our process is so straightforward that we can provide you with the information you need, reduce your relocation costs, investigative complications and make your new home more and more convenient. Guide you through all kinds of unnecessary bases.

Privacy is our first priority

When a client presents his or her moving needs, we ensure that we maintain a high level of confidentiality and accountability. Our principles also have to ensure that they meet the high standards of service delivery and are capable of performing the work of relocation. This creates trust in our customers, and they can leave the burden on us, which we move into a professional activity.

A Team You Can Trust

Having a broad experience in the market, a team of experts, and a trustworthy relationship with the best moving companies in the moving enterprise, we are fully equipped to find the best option for you.

This lays us as one of the most esteemed moving service providers in the industry, where we specialize in assisting our customers in settling for the top quality moving company in the USA.

A philosophy guides us that life should always be made simpler if not simple, with this in mind, we strive to succeed most moving difficulties by streamlining them to bring relief to those with relocation needs.


Lending and driving a truck cross-country is not for everyone. Driving a rental moving carriage is not like driving a personal vehicle. Bigger the truck, more significant is the blind-spot.

With a massive load, trucks can be hard to manage. With Long Distance Moving companies’ quotes, you do not have to go through the hassle and risks associated with driving a truck.

Safety first

Moving long distances requires proper packing to ensure the safety of your belongings during transit. When you move, the responsibility of protecting your items is on you.

With professional movers, they are experienced inadequately safeguard your belongings and also offer different insurance choices to pick the appropriate one.

Hiring top long-distance moving companies in our site means you can avoid moving-related injuries and focus on getting settled into your new home.

Our companies are also ready to cement our customer services by working with professionals to help our team members properly install these merchandise.

When you work with us to prefer your relocation service, you can rest guaranteed that we will keep your information private. We only reveal details of your move to our professional partners whom we have previously screened and to whom we are seeking any reference.

Your security and satisfaction are our most valuable assets. This is why our customers trust us again and again with their dynamic needs.

How Long distance moving companies quotes works

Getting a complete idea of the budget involved in moving helps in finding a cost efficient deal. The best reputable movers help you achieve this with free moving quotes. All that you need to provide is your origin, your moving from and to location, moving size, name, phone no and contact email to get the pricing.

Our website is dedicated to helping customers like you and let you know details in a convenient manner. You can do your research and our company will readily let you know what we offer right here.

Easy Comparison

The advantage of getting a free moving quote makes it much easier to compare the pricing with other moving companies. You can do so with the convenience of your home as the required data can be gathered from the official company's website. Getting multiple quotes at once has never been this easy and we are definitely sure, what we offer is the best and lowest of them all.

Minimal Mandatory Details

We don't collect tons of information simply to provide you a price quote for the moving service required. Just choose what you need to be delivered. It can be household goods, special items or industrial equipment. Provide the from destination, new location and the phone no, to instantly get your quote.

Experience Freedom

Our moving company is reputable and one of the best known for quality customer service. We don't store your mobile numbers to call you frequently and push you with aggressive marketing strategies. Our solutions and pricing are the best. We are sure you would want to do business with us once you explore the options available and realize that what we offer cannot be matched by anyone else in the industry.

Quality Solutions

We have the necessary tools and skilled manpower to do the job with ease. The quote provided will usually include all basic servicing unless you have some special requirements. Our motto is cheap yet high quality solutions at all times. The high quality service is offered at relatively unexpected pricing and all you need to do to know how much it will cost, is to give in your requirements to receive a pricing.


Besides providing best free moving quotes, you can comfortably choose us when you wish to hire the best moving company. An expert team offers exceptional reliability and we move your special belongings with utmost care. Our budget is affordable for all and we provide the best value added services to our every client.

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