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What is the best moving company for moving across the country

What is the best moving company for moving across the country

Planning for a long-distance move whether that may be for your residence or your office space that should be a reasonable one. The more valuable service you choose the more secure you get your goods moved to the destination.

To book your long distance moving company, you don’t prefer an agency that is unfair or inefficient, you always try to know the credibility and efficiency of the agency. Likewise, there are a few other important aspects that you need to consider before adopting their services.

This post would help you recognize the most important aspects of the best moving company for moving across the country.

Dedicated van Lines


5.0/5 from 384 reviews

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  • Top rated across the web and our #1pick
  • 5-Star rated residential moving services
  • Vehicle shipping available
  • Featured in USA Today
  • Phone and on-site survey

The Dedicated Van Lines is one of the leading long-distance moving companies in the moving industry. They hold a professional team of experts who can help you with your long-distance move from one state to another or from one country to another.

The carefully plan your long-distance move for your belongings including the motorcycle, boat, jet, ski or any other going. The company clearly understands the need for long-distance moves and plans to move with security and success.

They manage every aspect of the move without flaws. If you are planning your long-distance somewhere soon, Dedicated Van Lines is the best and affordable long-distance moving service that does not compromise quality. Would you be interested to reach out to their service, they have professionals who can answer your queries.


United Van Lines


4.6/5 from 5 reviews

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  • Rated A+ with the BBB
  • Online Tracking
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United Van Lines sets the standard for offering outstanding customer service. The company ranks at or near the top of customer satisfaction surveys targeting customers of moving companies. With the largest moving company network the United States, United works with nearly 33 agents who work at local moving and storage facilities. The broad network means United can move virtually anyone anywhere in the country. Because of semi sized trucks in its inventory, United can move large corporations cross-country or interstate by using several trucks in its expansive fleet.

The company has more than double the number of local agents United Van Lines works within 13 states. With more than 5,000 trucks operating in its fleet, United never has to pass on a long distance relocation job because of the lack of vehicles. The only downside to United is the company does not move vehicles. However, sister company Mayflower does relocate cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks.




4.5/5 from 4 reviews

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  • Rated A+ with the BBB
  • Online Tracking
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Allied's moving services range from providing you with the boxes and moving supplies you'll need to pack up your home on the weekend all the way to full-service packing, fragile packing, and even automobile transportation.


Qualities of a reliable moving company:

#1 Licensed agency:

Trust comes with authority. Authority of a company or agency is identified by its certification or license. A moving company should hold all moving licenses based on the operations. The most important thing that you need to look for while choosing a moving company is, “LIABILITY INSURANCE.” You need to ensure this in order to have everything safe and in place.

#2 Records of the agency:

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) investigates customer complaints against the moving agencies. On reviewing the records of the agency, the administration releases a list of their truck inspections.

There are further options that we can explore to know the credibility of the moving agency. Using these we can see the complaints that are lodged against the company. From the list, we can opt for the least complaint recorded. But there are no complaint-free companies around.

The frequent complaints that are recorded might be related to shipment documents, estimates, and the final charges. These complaints are common and may be due to misunderstanding of either of the parties. There are companies that hold a higher complaint ratio and do not help you anyway.

#3 Dependable services:

Any moving company that is hard to reach or that bargains too much from its customers is never a reliable one. The biggest factor that helps any moving company is “TRUST.” If any moving company fails to render a trustworthy service to its customers can never be a reliable one.

A moving agency that holds a well-furnished website gains a lot of credibility from its customers so that they could reach out to it without even entering their residential information or the zip code. The customer service line is the other important criteria that every customer expects from a moving agency.

In case of any trouble during the moving process that agent should be at a near reach or the customer service line should be available for an immediate response. If both fail then the company loses its customer.

#4 Good transport system:

There are moving companies that are well equipped with a perfect transport system, on the other hand, there are moving companies that hire trucks to run their agency. This is where a customer needs to be very attentive.

Whenever you choose to opt for a moving company for a long-distance move, there are few prior things that you need to check with the agency and one among the checklist is the transport facilities. You might hold a very expensive item to be carried across the country and if it is going to be moved through a partly maintained truck, it is going to be mess for all time.

So, whenever you choose to select a long distance moving company you need to be very careful with its transport system. Always make an inquiry about their transport system through their customer service line or with their coordinator who is going to assist you throughout the moving process. It makes a healthy and secure move.

#5 Packing services:

Any reputed agency would offer all kinds of moving services to its clients or customers. From packing consultation to warehousing, every single process would be monitored and handled by the agency itself. There are agencies that would render only moving services. Such agencies are not worth booking for a long-distance move.

If you are going to book a long-distance moving company to move your products from a particular location to the other you need to check with all the services that the agency provides you. This might save you from the last-minute struggle.

The moving agency would take care of all the process that involves packing, loading, shipping, unloading, and warehousing, etc. In case, if you have vehicles to be moved to a long distance, the company should be ready to render a service for that too. If not the company should come up with a possible alternative to move your vehicle to that specified location.

#6 Skilled workers:

You indeed book a long-distance moving company to lessen your burden. So it is important that any moving agency that you choose should have a group of skilled workers. In case, if the organization is capable of having such workers, it is better to switch to a good agency that can help you with its skilled workers.

Skilled workers are the ones that help you safely pack all your belongings to make a list of all that you carry and get it moved and stored in your new location. Every group of workers should be assisted by a coordinator or a moving manager who works on your behalf.

The coordinator or the manager takes care of all your belongings and ensures if they were moved safely. The manager also acts as a mediator between the workers and you to get the work done in a systematic way.

Wrap up:

Choosing a moving company or an agency for a long-distance move should be the most important decision you could make. As the moving process involves a lot of planning and efficiency it needs to be handed over to the renowned organization.

The above list would help you to settle with proper decision making and things to be remembered while choosing a good long-distance moving company. Never miss one from the list or you might end up with a poor long distance mover.

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