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5 Smart Tips to Choose a Reliable Moving Company

5 Smart Tips to Choose a Reliable Moving Company

Want to select a reliable moving company? In this article, we have outlined everything you need to know to make the right choice.

Getting a reliable moving company to handle your moving project can be challenging. But you are not alone, over 14 percent of the US population moves at least once in the year. However, there are lots of twists, scams, and shoddy practices, which might become a problem, so you must be aware of them.

According to BBB, the most grievous events surrounding moving comes from arriving late, damaged property, alleged lost property, charging for unworked hours, or dubious estimates.

You must prepare to avoid all of these problems to prevent stress and hassles on the moving day. So, before you hire a move, here are some tips to help you select the best team for the job.

Dedicated van Lines


5.0/5 from 384 reviews

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  • Top rated across the web and our #1pick
  • 5-Star rated residential moving services
  • Vehicle shipping available
  • Featured in USA Today
  • Phone and on-site survey

The Dedicated Van Lines is one of the leading long-distance moving companies in the moving industry. They hold a professional team of experts who can help you with your long-distance move from one state to another or from one country to another.

The carefully plan your long-distance move for your belongings including the motorcycle, boat, jet, ski or any other going. The company clearly understands the need for long-distance moves and plans to move with security and success.

They manage every aspect of the move without flaws. If you are planning your long-distance somewhere soon, Dedicated Van Lines is the best and affordable long-distance moving service that does not compromise quality. Would you be interested to reach out to their service, they have professionals who can answer your queries.


United Van Lines


4.6/5 from 5 reviews

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  • No obligation quote
  • Rated A+ with the BBB
  • Online Tracking
  • DIY services
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United Van Lines sets the standard for offering outstanding customer service. The company ranks at or near the top of customer satisfaction surveys targeting customers of moving companies. With the largest moving company network the United States, United works with nearly 33 agents who work at local moving and storage facilities. The broad network means United can move virtually anyone anywhere in the country. Because of semi sized trucks in its inventory, United can move large corporations cross-country or interstate by using several trucks in its expansive fleet.

The company has more than double the number of local agents United Van Lines works within 13 states. With more than 5,000 trucks operating in its fleet, United never has to pass on a long distance relocation job because of the lack of vehicles. The only downside to United is the company does not move vehicles. However, sister company Mayflower does relocate cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks.




4.5/5 from 4 reviews

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  • No obligation quote
  • Rated A+ with the BBB
  • Online Tracking
  • DIY services
  • Free Quotes

Allied's moving services range from providing you with the boxes and moving supplies you'll need to pack up your home on the weekend all the way to full-service packing, fragile packing, and even automobile transportation.


Where do you start?

Ask your friends and families to recommend a moving company. There’s a good chance they have used one in the past and can make excellent suggestions. Your real estate agent can also provide helpful advice and referrals on the matter.

However, finding long distance movers may be a challenge from these sources because you can’t tell if your recommendations are the right choice. You might still need to check out other details about the movers by staking out websites online to chat or call their customer representative.

To get all of these in one single platform, get your smartphone out and find a top long-distance mover today through When you select any mover, make sure to ask for references, especially customers who have moved into your area within the last three months. Contact those customers and discuss their experiences, so you know what to expect.

What Services do you need?

Before you hire any team, you should have a good idea of the services you might need. We all want to move, but the how, where, what and when still counts.

Figuring out your options can help you budget or even save money. It can also help you avoid any misunderstandings in the future because your quality movers understand your needs.

Some companies may also offer additional services for packing, moving, storing, disassembling, and reassembling as well as providing modern packing boxes. However, this comes with extra charges. If you want to use these services, ask for the packer’s experience to avoid getting someone who may toss your precious items into boxes. Reputable moving companies have careful and highly experienced packers.

With a good idea of your needs, most companies will also let you know how long the move will take so that you can plan accordingly.

Remember to speak about your concerns (if you have any), especially when you are moving to a long distance. Miscommunication brings a lot of headache.

Are they licensed and accredited?

Whether you are moving to a different part of the country or a few miles from your old place, you should make sure your moving company has the right certifications. They must be accredited, insured, and licensed. Licensed Interstate movers will have a U.S DOT number.

The U.S Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issues the number, and you should check FMCSA’s site to verify the number.

If you are moving to a new location in your state, you can check your local consumer’s affairs agency through the FMCSA’s contacts database.

You should also look for professional accreditations. Trade associations usually assess companies before they issue an approved seal or membership. You can check for this information by checking the Long distance moving companies’ website.

Did I forget anything?

Make sure your quotes have a thorough analysis of all your belongings, weight, type, and function. A good estimator will also ask questions about what you plan to move, the things you don’t want to move to your new home, and how you want them handled.

Bear in mind that your long-distance moving companies’ quotes will depend mainly on the space your goods take up in the truck and their weight. If you seek any additional services such as packing and assembling, this might affect your costs as well.

If you are moving from a two-story building or into one, you might incur costs because the movers charge for negotiating the elevators and stairs. If your street requires that the company transfer to a smaller van because your new home is in a narrow street, this will also inflate your costs.

However, you should also be cautious when paying for your moving before the actual job. Paying in advance might limit your control about when your belongings will be moved to your location. Reliable moving companies won’t ask for a large deposit or cash before moving. If your moving company requests you make a deposit, make sure you use a credit card. A credit card will protect you from any potential fraudulent activity.

Are my items protected and insured?

Your ideal licensed moving company must assume liability for the value of the goods. There are two different levels of liabilities; they can provide. Both of them have different charges and amount of protection.

  • The Full Replacement Value protection provides comprehensive protection for your goods. With this plan, your movers can repair, restore, or pay for repairs on damaged items. They can also replace the item with another of the same quality or pay for the cost of replacement. Bear in mind that your movers are also allowed to limit the kind of liabilities they can cover, so you have to specifically list articles of immense value. Ask and assess your mover’s limitations, so you understand your responsibilities and liabilities.
  • The alternative Level of Liability is an economical option. It provides the least possible protection and claims for lost or damaged items might be settled based on the pound weight of the article multiplied by 60 cents. This option provides no extra charges, and you have to sign a specific statement that you agree to this protection. If you don’t select the alternative level of liability and provide additional statements to agree to it, your items will be moved using the full replacement value protection.

Again, make sure you list every belonging on the inventory list. You can’t file a claim for lost, damaged, or destroyed items if there are not listed on the inventory list.

Beware of warning flags

Look out for red flags when assessing your long-distance moving companies’ quotes. For starters, reliable companies will ask in-depth questions about everything you want to move. They will never rush through this process because they want to make sure they meet your expectations.

Avoid paying upfront fees as well, and never sign a blank contract. Read your contracts and be sure that all your belongings are listed in the inventory list.

Make sure you also understand the kind of contracts you sign, so you know what happens if the company wishes to charge over the original estimates. For this purpose, avoid guaranteed quotes. Lastly, avoid any company without its own moving vans. Reliable moving companies will not come move your belongings in rented equipment.

Make sure you follow these steps accordingly to select the right moving company. Avoid all possible problems by painstakingly making your choice. In the end, choosing a top long distance mover will be worthwhile because you won’t have to worry about careless movers damaging your belongings, missing items, or fraudulent activities.

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